Antonio Guerrero (Matanzas, Cuba, 1968).
Lives and works in Miami Beach, Florida.
Founder of The Cuban Art Project. 
Antonio Guerrero is a contemporary Cuban American Artist. He was born in 1968 in Matanzas Cuba, under the Castro regime. Guerrero grew up in a household where artistic expression was appreciated and encouraged; although materials were not always available, his dreams and ideas were always abundant.
In 1986 Antonio was drafted into the army and was immediately transported to Africa to fight in the Ethiopian War. He was inspired by the people and scenes of Africa and he developed an interest in modern expressionism and began to experiment with modern forms of visual art. The popularity of his work led to exhibits of his paintings at the military base.
Antonio returned to Cuba in 1988 where he resumed his job as an artisan specializing in painting, engraving wood carving, sculpting and metal work. Feeling increasingly oppressed by Cuba’s government, and unhappy with the worsening living conditions, Antonio, along with two other men, climbed into a raft they had secretly designed and built. Floating off from the coast of Matanzas, they were at sea for five days before being rescued and brought to the U.S.
In January of 1995 Guerrero’s “Balseros del 92”, (“The Rafters of 92”) was exhibited at Vanidades Gallery in Miami, FL. This painting was part of a collection donated to the Jose Marti Foundation in order to raise money for the Florida International University student scholarships. This portrait of himself along with his cousin and friend fleeing Cuba was said to best commemorate the occasion. On May 17, 1996 Guerrero’s work was exhibited by U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in Washington D.C. as a part of the “Cubans in exile” exhibit.
In 2012 Guerrero was one of four Cuban artists in the world chosen by Bacardi to express the feeling of liberation and the openness of the Cuban spirit during the time of Bacardi’s legendary parties to celebrate  its 150th anniversary.
Guerrero sees the world as a cosmic stage for human activity. «I’m in the system like a computer programmer writing codes with my sketchbook and brushes, playing the critic, here to create and program the unconscious. Apart from all the trouble we cause ourselves, I believe we are immersed in a powerful and beautiful mystery. The fact of our existence is a great riddle to me.
«In his imaginary world everything is possible, shadows fall according to nature’s intent, trees grow from earth, and triangles refract light in a realistic manner.  But all of that realism is just Antonio’s  way of holding the scene together so that he could go on to upset our normal expectations of reality.
A N T O N I O  G U E R R E R O
Born: Matanzas, Cuba (1968). 
Art Education: “A gift from GOD”. Self-taught. 
Selected Exhibitions: (*Solo Shows)
2020  Permanent Collection on The Baker Museum, Naples, FL (USA)
2018  SALCAA at The Baker Museum, Art Auction, Naples, FL (USA)
2017  SALCAA at The Baker Museum, Art Auction, Naples, FL (USA)
2016  SALCAA at The Baker Museum, Art Auction, Naples, FL (USA)
2015  Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum of Myrtle Beach
«Voices of an Island» The Reynier Llanes Art Collection (USA)
2014  Florida Contemporary at The Baker Museum, Naples, FL (USA)
2013  The Georgian National Museum, The National Gallery, «Punctum contra Punctum II curated by Richard LTooke, Republic of Georgia (Tbilisi)
2021  Art Evey, Group art show, curated by Carla Berenice Groh, Palm Beach, FL (USA)
2021*  «C on RED» curated by Julio Santiago, Hudson, New York (USA)
2020  «Censored» curated by Eduardo Lira Art Gallery, Miami, FL (USA) 
2018  Casa Turquesa Art Gallery, Cancun (Mexico) Curated by Carlos Calvet
2018*  Casa Turquesa Art Gallery, Cancun (Mexico) Curated by Carlos Calvet 
2018  Ceaseless Stream, Artifact Art Gallery, Lakeland FL, curated by Olga Nodarse
2017   International Art Fair Miami, (Spectrum) Art Spot It’s Present by Aldo Castillo Gallery, FL (USA)
2017  Identity & Belonging: a Cuban Collective at Wall Street Fine Art, Jacksonville, FL (USA)
2017  Artium Art Gallery, Off the wall, three currents, one flow. curated by Carlos Suares de Jesús, Miami, FL (USA) 
2016  Payare’s Studio, Miami FL (USA)
2016  Kendall Art Center, Part 2 Beyond the collector’s Cabinet, Miami, FL (USA)
2016  Artium Art Gallery «Good to the last droop» curated by TCAP, Miami, FL (USA) 
2016  Palm Spring Art Fair represent by Jorge Mendez Gallery (USA)
2016*  «Tailor Boat» Vargas Gallery, curated by Henry Ballate, Miami, FL (USA)
2016*  «Red Works» at LCAA, Fort Myers (USA)
2015  International Art Fair Miami, It’s Present by Aldo Castillo Gallery, Miami Beach, FL (USA)
2015  LuminArte Gallery, Under the name «Cultural Revolution». Dallas, Texas (USA)
2015  Blank Canvas Project, Curated by Blank Canvas, Miami, FL (USA)
2015*  Wynwood Exhibition Center «Red Planet» Curate by The Cuban Art Project.
Miami, FL (USA)
2015  LuminArte Gallery, Under the name «Exodus». Dallas, Texas (USA)
2015  Instituto Cultural de Mexico, Under the name, «Di-verse» Linen as unifying elements, curated by Rubber Stamp, Miami, FL (USA)
2015*  The Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center, Fort Mayers, FL (USA)
2015  Miromar Art Fair, represent by Aldo Castillo Gallery, Naples, FL (USA)
2015  Palm Spring Fine Art Fair represent by Jorge Mendez Gallery, CA (USA)
2014  Spectrum Miami Art Fair/ArtSpot Aldo Castillo Gallery, Miami, FL (USA)
2014  MDCC, Doral Campus,»Cosmic Connections» curated by Roberta, Miami FL (USA)
2014  Jorge Mendez Gallery, «The Trojan Horse» Palm Spring CA (USA)
2014  CU.1 Gallery. «Los Cuatro». Miami, FL (USA)
2014  MA+D, Miami Art, and Design, Adriana Budich Arte Contemporáneo, Miami, FL (USA)
2014  Florida Contemporary at The Baker Museum, Naples, FL (USA)
2014  Continuum at Sweet Gallery Curate by  Richard LTooke. Naples, FL (USA)
2014*  Solo show «Havana Night» Thomasville Center of the Art, Georgia (USA)
2014*  Solo show, at Miguel Rodez Art Project, January 19, Miami, FL (USA)
2013  The Sidney Berne Davis Art Center «Punctum contra Punctum II American Edition, curate by Richard LTooke
2013  Jorge Mendez Gallery, under the name «Twelve». Palm Spring, CA (USA)
2013  Milander Center of Art, Under the name «La mano Hispana» curated by Vicky Romay and Noel Santiesteban, Hialeah, Miami FL (USA)
2013  The Georgian National Museum, The National Gallery, «Punctum contra Punctum II curated by Richard LTooke, Republic of Georgia (Tbilisi)
2013  Naples Museum of Art, under the name «Incognito», Naples, FL (USA)

2013  Miguel Rodez Art Project, under the name «Passion red». Miami, FL (USA)
2013  LMNT Art Gallery, under the name «Celebrity Art Series», Miami, FL (USA)
2013  MFA, under the name «Inspired by red» at Mano Fine Art, Miami, FL (USA) 
2012  Miguel Rodez Studio, under the name «Drawn from within», Miami, FL (USA)
2012  MFA, under the name «Made in the USA» MANO Fine Art, Studio, Miami, FL (USA)
2012  Studio 18 under the name «Sincerity Project». Pembroke Pines, FL (USA)
2011  Cafeina Wynwood Lounge «Becks Emerging Artist». Miami, FL (USA)
2011  Leal Gallery, under the name «Cuban Master under 360». Miami, FL, (USA)
2011  Mano Fine Art Project Space, under the name «Made in the USA», Miami, FL ( USA)
2011  Leal’s Gallery, under the name «Cubanos de Aquí y de Allá», Miami, FL (USA)
2011  SeaFair, Represented by Aldo Castillo Gallery, Sarasota, FL (USA)
2011  Art Naples, Represented by Aldo Castillo Gallery, Naples, FL (USA)
2011  Art Naples, Represented by Miami Wave, Curated by Sergio Garcia, Naples, FL (USA)
2010  Miami Dade West Campus Martin and Pat Fine Center for the Arts (USA)
2010  ArtRouge Gallery, Miami, FL (USA)
2010  Renee Gallery, under the name “The Future, belongs to you”, Miami, FL (USA)
2010  International Art Fair Palm Beach, Presented By Aldo Castillo Gallery 
2010  International Art Fair Miami, It’s Present by Aldo Castillo Gallery, Miami Beach, FL (USA)
2009  Leal Gallery, under the name! “Milla 45”. Miami, FL (USA)
2009  MAC Building, under the name “Artistas por una America Verde”. Miami, FL (USA)
2009  Glass Gallery, City Hall Pembroke Pines, Pines Boulevard, FL (USA)
2009  the University of Miami, under the name “One”, Miami, FL (USA)
2009  Alliance Française, Miami, FL (USA)
2009  777 Studio Gallery, Miami, FL (USA)
2008  Color Alternative Space, under the name “The Way to Love”, Miami, FL (USA) 
2008  Colby Gallery, under the name “Mexican Influence in Latin American Art” Chicago (USA)
2008  Second Annual Williams Island Artwarlk (Virtu) (USA)
2008  The Goddess Store and Studio, Artwalk Gallery, Hollywood, FL (USA)
2007  Tampa Artist Emporium Gallery, Tampa, FL (USA)
2007  Horizon line Gallery, under the name “The naked people” Tampa, FL (USA)
2005  ArtRome Gallery (Italy) 
1996  Cubans in the Exile, US Rep, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Washinton, DC (USA)
1995  Galeria Vanidades, Miami, Florida (USA)
1995  José Marti Foundation, Miami Florida (USA)
1987*  Diré Dawa Military Base, Ethiopia while serving with the Cuban Army. (Ethiopia, Africa)     

Tbilisi Georgia, Consul of the Art Spain’s Consul General in Miami, Cristina Barrios.
Bacardi Permanent Collection.
Mirta de Perales, oil on canvas “Los Balseros del 92”.
International Private Collectors world-wide.

Awards and Honors
2005  Third Place Award Winner, ArtRome Gallery, Rome (Italy) 
2009  First Place, two Awards winner, Best man show and best art in the show! Miami, FL (USA)

Public-Speaking Engagements
Interview  “Art for your ears” WMNF 88.5 FM Community Radio, Tampa, FL (USA) 2007 
Interview  “City of art” TV, Community Network, Tampa, FL (USA) 2006
Interview  “Radio Mambi” Live Show, Miami, FL (USA) 1994
Interview  “Orgullo Latino” Channel Cosmovisión, Miami, FL (USA) 2008  
TV  Miami Channel, Miami, FL (USA) 2009
Interview  “La Poderosa” Emisora de Radio AM, Miami, FL (USA) 2009
DIVA  Latinoamericana (Chile) 2009
Radio  Caracol. Miami, FL (USA) 2010

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